Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a glitch in the system

Remember when I told you that the car broke down while my mom was here? Well, we fixed it and then a week later it broke again. It seemed to be the same thing but according to the dudes who fixed it it wasn't the same thing and therefore will not be covered under warranty. $3000 later and that dumb car is too precious to drive anywhere so it sits at the shop.

About a week after we moved into Willacy we noticed the tub leaking into the basement. The only tub in the house. Leaks.

I go to Rona for one thing and they don't have it.

Remember when I told you about the roof leaking all over the bedroom floor? Yeah, that was a bad day.

When we moved in I called Telus to set up our internet and phone and satellite. I didn't call before I moved because I was so busy and I just didn't care. But after we moved, I remembered that we had a high school student and a child homeschooling. The internet would've been handy.

The high school student, my nephew, has since decided that our house with it's millions of rules and expectations was not for him and he's moved out. This decision was made after I spent days setting him up in high school and three months home schooling him. I hate home schooling.

I sat around for three days waiting for Telus to come and do their thing. Day two, they told me I had to sit around from 8-5 because that's how they do it. Even when I yelled at the lady and told her I sat around from 8-5 the day before and couldn't do it again. She told me I had to because that's how they do it. They didn't even show up. The next day they gave me a two hour window because they felt bad. That's so strange, I thought they couldn't do that and I thought that because the lady told me they couldn't. So I guess you only get a two hour window AFTER they totally pooch you. Eight hours it took to set up a phone line on day three. Eight hours! How is that even possible??

My child, the one who's world was rocked when we told her we were moving to Willacy, asked to be home schooled when I asked her what I could to do to make her life easier, better, less hated. Sure, I'll homeschool you. Besides the fact that I hate home schooling and I know I hate it because I did it for my nephew for three miserable months, how hard could it be?

It is October 6th and she still has no books.

I registered her, like I was supposed to. I went in for orientation, like I was supposed to. I waited the 'wait' period for everything to get going, like I was asked to. Nothing. After a couple of weeks I called her teacher to see what was up. She said Cicely was not on any class list. She looked into it. Her registration was lost in cyberspace. This did not surprise me because being surprised at being the one nothing ever goes right for is a waste of my time.

Her books were now ordered. A week later still nothing. I check in with the teacher. Teacher sends angry email to people in charge and demands books are sent out immediately. They aren't.

A week later, which is 5 weeks since school started, I meet with the teacher who is appalled at the atrocious service the school has given me. She tells me the books were sent out to our home last night and should arrive today or tomorrow and that Cicely will get one major science field trip at no cost to me as a 'we're sorry for this massive screw up' token. She apologizes over and over again. She just doesn't know what to say, so she says this:

"It's like you are our case study. The worst case scenario. The what-not-to-do when trying to win over people's trust and desire to attend our school. There was a glitch in the system and it sent you on a path to nowhere."

I felt like laughing out loud. A big ol' LOL times ten. She doesn't know me. She doesn't know that this type of thing is exactly what I bargained for. That I expect nothing less. What I should have told her is that it's actually alright. This is how it's supposed to be. Everything is exactly as it should be.

Because I am the glitch in the system. If I am there, the system is glitched. I have allowed the man to be an honorary glitcher of the system because it's a big job glitching up everyone's system. I'm tired, I could use some help.

Even superheroes have their sidekicks.


  1. But what would your super hero names be?
    Fiasco Woman and her side-kick Captain Funk
    Mr. & Mrs. Debacle
    Havoc and Scourge
    Princess Catastrophe and her side-kick Cataclysm

    Calamity Jane is already taken, so we can't use that one.

    Thanks you thesaurus...I had fun.

  2. I love reading your stories-- the glitch! LOL

  3. I would love to help you except that I seem to be the glitch too.

    I've always been like that with my job (think of the worst, most messed up situation and that is the file I *always* seem to get - even if it's supposed to be an easy one). There were too many glitches in our reno, my car is going through it's third majorly expensive glitch - I'm glitchy too - I feel your pain!!

    Maybe it's why we always got along so well!!

  4. Well, speaking of glitches and being lost in cyberspace--for some reason I all of a sudden cannot reply to your emails...even though we "talked" to each other just this morning!

    I know someone who is a glitch like you, and I have to say, she always has the most entertaining stories to tell. I can already see I'm going to like it around here, but that makes me feel kind of evil--Am I really entertained by the mishaps of others?

    Perhaps I need to do some soul searching...

    Anyway, to answer your letter (since Gmail won't deliver):

    Thank you for your kind words. I wasn't technically a foster child because it wasn't done through the state. The family that took me in was amazing. I'm sure you'll read about how they were never reimbursed for any of their expenses on my behalf.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog as well and I hope to read more about your fostering experiences.

    I was baptized when I was eight, but my family wasn't active. I began attending church with some neighbors when I was about eleven and I have been active ever since. God's love has blessed my life in unfathomable ways!

    I look forward to getting to know you!


  5. If I could help you out I sure would BUT I fear I would just bring along another Glitch or two!! My life is full of Glitchs!! So much so I find myself asking when they will start to thin out.