Monday, September 27, 2010

i'm back!

I am back! Oh blog, I have missed you so. Who knew this old house had such issues with their phone line? Trust me when I say we weren't surprised that there were issues but nevertheless, the issues kept me from my blog for two whole weeks. Fear not. I am back and a whole blog post will be dedicated to Telus and their amazing contribution to my sanity. What a lovely bunch of people, but alas, today is part one of the actual glorious act of moving.

There is so much to say, life has carried on since the move and in true "Catherine" form it has been dramatic and chaotic and a total nuisance! This would be the longest post ever if I put it all here at once so over the next few days I will share the highlights of the move and life thereafter.

The day before we moved I took all the kids downstairs and told them they had to help me clear out the food storage room. Cicely worked hard on occasion, and the boys? Well the boys were distracted by the awesomeness that is empty water containers.

First, the stacking......

then, the jumping head first into.....

and finally, the landing......

This is what they did the entire time I cleaned out the food storage. When I was done I sat down and Jack said "are we done?"

Boys...... honestly.

The night before we moved in the man and I spent at Willacy finishing the floors.

They looked like this a few days before from our first attempt at staining.....

Totally hideous.

I detest sanding floors. One more thing we can add to the list of things I never, ever want to do again.

You'll have to come back tomorrow though if you want to find out what the highlight of moving day was. Here is a sneak peek:

Stay tuned......


  1. Although I am not glad you had to do your floors twice - I am really glad you did. They look spectacular! I hope you are getting settled in and life will calm down for you.

  2. I thought that you were supposed to have children so they would do things for you! This totally blows my theory!

  3. I completely love the glass mosaic tile around the fireplace! Truly gorgeous!

    I'm always willing to hear your opinion Catherine--i have such fun reading your responses at Just Another Mom Blog. Feel free to drop in whenever you like and unleash your opinion on me!

  4. LOL The boys thinking they helped is priceless!!
    I agree with SamiJoe!! Love the fireplace!!