Wednesday, September 1, 2010

go away. i'm begging you!

Everyone is waiting. I am waiting for the kids to go to school so I can get back to work on the reno. The children are all waiting to go to school so I stop barking and nagging them to death. This waiting game is killing me. I've had it.

My Dearest Children,

I love you so much, I really do. But you need to go away now. I can't take the bickering, the pestering, the loudness, the laziness, the whining, the fighting, the torturing, the fussing and the endless questions that all begin with "Can I...." any longer.

"Can I eat?"

"Can I play my DS, or the Wii, or the game cube or the computer?"

"Can I buy this?"

"Can I?"
"Can I?"
"Can I?"

These questions, asked millions of time a day, no exaggeration, are driving me mad.

I love you. I love you. I love you. And I'm not trying to talk myself into it, I actually do love you but....


If you don't, my head will explode and you'll get my brain guts all over your pretty little faces.


Your sweet, patient, kind, loving mother.

Yesterday I registered 5 kids in four different schools. This is what that particular activity can do to a person.

Lucky kid......


  1. oh i am soooo having one of those days too!!! Thank goodness it's bedtime and Regan is home :)

  2. Once the reno is done and the kids are in school we should get together and drink dark coloured caffeinated beverages...

  3. Catherine you have summed up my life! Love Ya!

  4. Five kids in four schools - you are amazing!!