Thursday, September 30, 2010

the bus

For the first week of school we lived in Cochrane so I drove the kids all the way to Willow Park, it took an hour and fifteen minutes.

The second week of school they started to take the bus from our new house. I wanted Amelia in afternoon kindergarten, I don't know why but I did, but they didn't offer the bus for afternoon kids so I put her morning kindergarten just so she could take the bus. In my cluttered over-stressed mind, this made perfect sense.

So every morning I drove the three kids to the bus stop. At noon I drove to a different bus stop further away to get Amelia. After school the two boys just walked home from the bus stop.

The school is literally one more minute driving from the bus stop.

The first week in the new house we were 15 minutes late for martial arts, both days, which is on the other side of town. So I decided that the boys needed to be picked up from school in order to make it in time which means that I am paying four hundred dollars for the boys to walk home from the bus 3 days a week, otherwise they get driven to and from. Even in my cluttered over-stressed mind this makes no sense.

So I cancelled the bus service and now I drive them the extra 60 seconds to the school. Which, surprisingly, I really enjoy.

I'm sure that little story held zero interest for you, I guess it's just another look into my mind and it's psychosis. Here is what actually prompted the story.

The first day Amelia took the bus they didn't return her to me. I sat at the bus stop for 30 minutes after I knew the bell had rung and then I called the school.

me: Hi there, I am waiting at the bus stop for my daughter but she never came and I can't imagine that the bus takes 30 minutes to get from the school to this stop 60 seconds away.

them: What do you mean 60 seconds? Copperfield is much further than that. I'm sure they are on their way.

me: I don't live in Copperfield. I live in Willow Park.

them: Oh no!!! I'll phone you back.

See, I live in one of these communities that is full of big old schools and old people. There are very few children who attend these schools who actually live in the community. This explains a lot. But still.....

They called me back.

them: We are so sorry. She is on the bus and the driver will bring her to you as soon as she is done in Copperfield. We overlooked that there might be a child not from Copperfield on the bus. We're so sorry!!

me: Honest mistake.

An hour later she was returned to me and my stomach finally settled down. I was nice on the phone but as a parent it just confirms my fears that no one is really looking after my children while they are away from me. I don't care for that feeling at all.

I was so relieved to see her I kissed her face off as soon as she stepped off the bus. I put her in the truck and asked her how her day was and what was her favourite part. She said, "The bus ride."

Of course it was...... Then she told me this story.

"Mom, there is a little boy in my class named Teo. He has dark hair and his mama puts it into a mohawk. He wears a red hoodie and he is so handsome I just can't take it. Today he was so handsome I had to kiss his face off."

me: "Amelia, did you really kiss his face off?"

her: "Yes, I just couldn't take it, he is so handsome."

Oh boy, I guess that since they don't take the bus anymore and I don't have to worry about anyone losing my children I will focus my attention on teaching the 4 year old some boundaries.


  1. Oh my!
    You've now got me thinking about my own daughter... and she'll be taking the bus next year.

    (I live near Cochrane--are you in Airdrie now?)

  2. WOW!! I think I would have lost my mind if that was my son!!
    I have been worrying about how he is going to do on his field trip with preschool, now this just scares me all the more.
    It is funny how children don't see the danger in a situation like that, but find it fun.

  3. I was the parent volunteer at Lucy's school when they did Bus Safety. Lucy gets driven to school every day because we are not within the bus boundaries, and I didn't want her to have to take an hour to get home riding on the 'extra' bus they have lined up. Just seeing her climb on the bus on bus safety day, even though it wasn't going to move at all, made me really nervous. And I love that Amelia likes to kiss boys faces off...she just can't help it!

  4. At least she's kissing boys with mohawks. What more could a mom want??

  5. Oh little Amelia... you make me laugh my face off.

  6. I'm glad you've stopped the bus. This way Amelia's won't have the temptation any longer - poor girl!

    Also, I took the bus for years and it's a huge place for bullies. Tons of means stuff goes on on the bus because there really is no way the driver can supervise that many children.

  7. You are wrong, I enjoyed this story very much! I'm actually quite confused about the whole bus thing though: is this a public school (Maybe as I read more of your blog I will find the answer to my question)?