Friday, August 13, 2010

why willacy?

Lots of people are asking why we are moving to Willacy. This is why.....

We are renting in Cochrane and the lease is up September 15th. The rent is expensive. The mortgage at Willacy is not.

The deadline to get Willacy ready to sell, buy another house in our desired location and be out of the rental before September 15th was August 1st, and that was pushing it. That only would have worked if Willacy sold within the first two weeks of August. It could take months to sell Willacy, there's no way to know.

Money was getting LOW. The man needed to go back to work. Paying rent AND a mortgage is not necessary anymore. Willacy can be moved into so why not save all that money?

Too much stress. The fighting began. He wanted to work. I wanted him to finish Willacy. He was right. (I can admit when I'm wrong. It hardly ever happens so I can suck it up once in a blue moon).

But, AHHHHH, what do we do? Where do we live?

Willacy. Duh. We totally own a house. And it's gorgeous. And it's big enough for our family. Which was the main criteria when we bought it. It was always a risk that we would have to live in it. It's the inconvenience we were trying to avoid. It's funny how some serious stress and pressure can put things into perspective. The inconvenience of having to move twice is nothing compared to the stress of trying to avoid it at the cost of financial ruin.

So we move to Willacy, right? As soon as this became the prime option all the stress went away. Okay, not all of it. But the main stress went away plus, the man and I get to taste the sweetness of all our hard work. The children are the ones who really take the brunt of it. Three of them are young, they really don't care either way. The two older ones had to have their deals sweetened a bit. But I know for sure they will all survive it. They are all great kids and who knows...... they may get that dog they have been not fighting for after all. (Hint hint man)

We have a new plan, and as you can see the man and I are not adamant about sticking to any 'original' plan. We like to fly by the seat of our pantses (I made that word up. Double plural for pants is now pantses). The new plan is to move into it, get it ready for October -it's SOOOO close, that's the kicker! - and then sell. We are hoping to be in the northwest by the beginning of the second semester of high school, end of January.... or before. Who knows. Good plan? Sure, why not.

I will definitely let you know if and WHEN that plan changes.

In all honesty, I am really excited about living at Willacy. It's my baby. Hopefully soon I will be able to blink and everything won't be a blur anymore and I will be able to see it. What a treat that would be!

Wish us luck.....although I don't think we need it.


  1. I agree you don't need luck. Selfishly, I'm glad to hear you will be in the South, however temporary that is.

    It does make a lot of sense to just move there, given all the considerations. Sorry to hear you have to move - TWICE - but let us know when you do the second move and we'll be there to help.

  2. Well hopefully it does sell soon after listing, you make a million dollars and never have to work again!

    And if not at least you get to live in your baby :)