Tuesday, August 24, 2010

question and answer

Question: If a person has given up buying books for a whole year and takes books she already owns and has read to a used book store and gets in-store credit, does it count as buying books if she uses that credit to get books she hasn't read and takes them home?

Answer: now you have to answer the question for me by actually physically responding to this post in one way or another. I know you are reading this so answer me when I ask you a question. And if you don't then I will..... I will..... I will........ I don't know what I will do. Just answer the question already.

My life depends on it.........


  1. No, it does not count as buying books. You are simply making an exchange.

    ...from a fellow book lover

  2. If the issue is money spent...then it's a non-issue. This money has already been spent on books, and now you're just exchanging for new ones. And if they don't sell anything else besides books, then it would be a waste of your in-store credit to not use it. You can't afford not to. Repeat it to yourself. "You can't afford not to." And repeat it to the man as necessary.

  3. Question: Why did you make some lame decision to not buy books for a whole year?

    Answer: You must obviously NOT want to move to Willacy and be committed into the nearest mental institution.

    GET THE NEW BOOKS gosh darnit... and stay in Cochrane...

  4. It totally doesn't count. The alternative is letting the store credit sit there and expire just to prove you didn't bring "new" books into the house and that would just be wasteful. Don't be wasteful...those books need new homes!

  5. It totally counts - sorry no new books for you!

    haha just kidding. Totally does not count!!

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  6. Books obviously make you happy, and life is soooo much more fun when we are happy! Just remind your hubby that a happy wife is a happy life!!

  7. I don't think it counts, because like people have said before... the money can't be used for anything else, and you aren't spending new money on books. I say go for it!!

  8. Nope. Doesn't count. And I'm not just being nice, because I hardly ever am... But it's more like a trade than a purchase.

  9. It doesn't count. It's not money out of your pocket.

    Do you spend time at the library? I've re-discovered the library this summer and I always have a Superstore bin of new-to-me books. It's not quite as good as shiny new books from Costco but it's free and I get tons of new books every week - and DVDs too!