Sunday, August 15, 2010

handle with care

Yesterday the man made me go to the southside Costo.

I know.

We were on our way to Willacy to clean up after a week where we thought trades were in the house working. What they were really doing was getting paid to wreak havoc and create a ton more work for us. It was a deflating moment to walk in and see the destruction but that is a different story.

Back to Costco. We needed toilet paper.... and dried mangoes.

We didn't really need dried mangoes.

Part way through the trip the man needed to use the washroom. He left me with the cart. I followed the cart to the book aisle.

The forbidden book aisle.

As I picked up books and read their backs I had a thought. Victims of partial facial paralysis deserve, at the very least, a new book.....right?

I put one in the cart. Jodi Picoult's Handle With Care. I thought that if the man agreed with my new theory I should be prepared.

I went to the till. He was taking forever and since we were using his card which was in his wallet which was on his body I sent him a text.

me: I'm in line. Will you make it in time?

him: yep

me: can I have a "sorry about your palsy" book?

him: no

At this point he showed up and said this: "The deal was no books for a year. Not no books for a year unless you get the palsy."

So I sent him another text. It read "one sided sideways frowny face."

He put the book on the conveyor belt, which turned my one sided frown upside down.

However, next time I enter into any contract whatsoever I will most definitely throw in the "palsy" clause. A girl needs to protect herself....right?

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  1. I am pretty sure they teach us in law school that the palsy clause is assumed in any contract. It doesn't have to be expressly stated. Your contract is still good. You're golden!