Friday, July 2, 2010

never ever again

Today I went to the South side Costco. Now I'll tell you why.

Two days ago a few of my children asked for a snack. I said "sure, please have some fruit." "Yay!" they all said and proceeded to wolf down some fruit. I stood and stared at them and then I said, "I am worried you aren't ever going to eat fruit when you go to Grandpa's house next week. I am worried you will begin a steady diet of pop and chips". They said, "we won't mom, we promise."
I said "maybe I should send some fruit cups and apple sauce so you always have some fruit to eat.". They said, "good idea mom. Maybe we should go to Costco."

Today I went to the South side Costco. With three kids. Now I want to die.

See, I don't enjoy Costco. I never have. Even if I were alone in the entire store I would still detest it. Unless, of course, I was buying books. Okay, if I were alone in Costco buying books that might just be heavenly. That is the only way I would ever like Costco but that would never ever happen so I still hate Costco.

The reason I went to the South one was because I had been at Willacy dropping off tile so it only made sense that we would go to the Costco 5 minutes away.

There was nowhere to park. Strike one.

There was nowhere to sit and eat lunch. Strike two. (It is here I should have turned around and left but my ability to think coherently in this situation had been diminished to the level of brain deadness)

Someone stole my cart. Strike three.

I have PMS. Strike 4782.

If anything it was an interesting study of how people behave when there are too many crammed into one place armed with giant metal death machines that protrude outwards from one's front not allowing for clear vision as one turns corners. In order for people to get what they need people forget their manners and basic animal ignorance kicks in. It is a scary sight indeed. People cut you off, people push your carts with theirs, people don't say excuse me or thank-you.

People are rude.

The worst part is that now I have become one of them. I start to sweat. My heart starts beating it's funny irregular beat only faster. I can't breathe. I become intolerable to anyone who has the unfortunate opportunity to be with me. I move other's carts out of my way and I actually say things really loud like "keep moving people" and "why are we leaving our carts in the middle of the aisle?" At this point I feel as though I have to leave or someone may die. So I take what I have and make for the checkout. I am maybe one third done my shopping. It does not matter. 'Get out' my inner sanity screams at me.

Since every till is open the lines go relatively fast. Thank goodness for small miracles.

I am out. I have survived. A few deep breaths and a slightly longer than necessary attempt to locate the vehicle and we are on our way home.

Today I went to the South side Costco. It was horrible. I hated it. Never again.





  1. That is totally how I felt when I went to the Superstore in Citadel the other day. HORRIBLE!!

  2. ps. you gotta add an email to this blog so people can reply to your comments via email and you have to take off your comment moderation!!

  3. Huh? What? I have no idea what any of that means!