Friday, July 30, 2010

the quota, and then some

It's been one week since I've been to Willacy. I was avoiding it. If I was dating Willacy it would have called for sure to see what was up. The last time I was there the tile guys had just started, the power had been cut off and put back on, I was still trying to locate my painter who was MIA, and I was frustrated.

The next day I left to go to Vernon to get the little ones. When I got home I couldn't bring myself to go and see the progress. I didn't want the frustration and anxiety so I pretended like it didn't exist. I hid.

Today I figured I should go and get some more painting done while there was no one there. The three bathrooms still needed to be done.

So I braved it and went to Willacy. This is what I saw as I opened the door.

Actually that was hiding under a tarp which I removed but nevertheless......

He nailed it. The man nailed it. Let me tell you about the anxiety I had over this stupid railing. A long time ago I showed the man about 2376 pictures of the kind of railing I wanted at Willacy. He said he got the picture. I don't doubt it. I had envisioned only about 4 or 5 steel rods though. He went out and bought all the material. Then he told me there had to be 8 rods due to code rules. I was freaked right out. I almost yelled at him. I thought it would look like a prison balcony or something hideous like that. I did tell him that if I had known there needed to be 8 rods I would have picked something else. He just shrugged his shoulders and walked away which basically was the same as saying "too bad for you you crazy control freak lunatic. It's having 8 rods and you can just......"

You get the picture.

Anyway, while I was gone he built the railing. He was able to keep the rod count down to 7, which is better than 8. Regardless, I did not want to see it.

It was inevitable though and being the mature adult I am I knew that. So tonight, after the man got home from Willacy, I left him and the children and made the journey.


....different angle and the wood isn't stained yet but needless to say I'm more than impressed. If you aren't then just imagine me shrugging my shoulders and walking away from you.

And yes, that's tile you see on the floor. The tiling looks fantastic.

This is the downstairs bathroom which had the only working toilet, sort of, in the house. I won't divulge how I remedied the 'old lady who has had four babies and has to pee all the time' issue tonight. Let's just leave some things secret.

This is the main bath. Ahhhhh......... tile.

This is what else I saw tonight.....

....and this is what it used to look like.

I am still on fence about this stone. It isn't what I had envisioned and it sure isn't what they had on display in their showroom. Whatever, it's done.

So I almost tripled my Diet Pepsi intake for the day. I decided when I got home from Vernon I would cut back seeing as how I wasn't working and had no good excuse to be a junkie. So I had my quota throughout the day. Then I decided to work and took my quota with me to keep me company. I drank that and the night was still young so I had more. I shouldn't be telling you this for fear someone may host an intervention on me. I won't go to rehab, I won't give it up!

On second thought. A few weeks in rehab, with some good books and no reno sounds mighty appealing.........


  1. IT LOOKS AWESOME!!! Someday I will have Brett bring me to see Willacy in person. I hear so much about it between you and him, an I am so curious! Thanks for posting pictures- the railing and stone seriously look beautiful!

  2. THe house does look awesome and I LOVE the stone!!

    And I hear ya about an intervention. I've always wanted an intervention (for the love) and so I could go to rehab. It just sounds like such a nice break!!