Wednesday, June 16, 2010

stoned outbreak

With the stinkin' rain I am desperately looking for things to do inside the little brown house. I swear, I am not coping well with the endless rain. I just can't believe it. Enough already! I did hit the Walmart Supercentre though to kill some time and it was awesome. When you are one of 20 people inside a Walmart Supercentre it truly is the grandest of feelings.

Anyway, today I went to start filling the millions of little holes in the trim and baseboard to get it all prepped for lacquering. I have to stay out of the way though so these guys can work which means there are rooms I can't get to right now. It's fine, I will just do what I can while I IMPATIENTLY wait for the rain TO END!

Work boys. WORK!!! They told me Saturday but now they are saying Monday. Whatever, just hurry up. (I only thought that last part in my head).

Jesse, the kitchen guy who is also a friend told me my filler and tools for filling all the billions of holes were crap so he went to his truck and brought me the 'good stuff'. When he said 'good stuff' I figured he meant the stuff that works the best but what he actually meant was the 'good stuff' like the stuff that gives you the best buzz. For about 3 hours today I was completely inebriated. I dare say, my head hurts now and I am sleepy. The fun thing about the 'good stuff' is that it is red. So now my little brown house looks like it has the chicken pox.

I did all I could. I filled trillions of little holes and then realized it was 2 pm and I was starved so I went to the mall for lunch and to buy the man a gift. My mum loves that I wear my painting clothes out in public. I don't care at all. Strangely, it makes me feel young. I forgot why I started to tell you that..............

Maybe I'm still looped. If you know what I mean........

The man hates it when I exaggerate. I'm not though, I filled at least a gazillion holes.


  1. How have you not passed out yet from exhaustion! I guess it's the years of being a mom to tons of kids!!

    ps. I remember when you went to your happy place :)

  2. Jesse would be happy to share any "good stuff" that he had. He's nice like that.
    Filling holes in walls sucks.
    Sorry for you...

  3. it does look like chicken pocks on the house :) nice work!!!

  4. Nothing can complete with the entertainment I receive from reading your blog. Seriously... now is when I would insert a smiley face. I think you know why I did not.