Wednesday, June 23, 2010

mid afternoon blogging

It is 2:38 pm and I am home. The house is empty, besides the teenager who is quietly somewhere else, and it is so so quiet. I have guilt because I am sitting at the computer and not working. The children will be home in 25 minutes.

It is just me and my blog.......

I went to Willacy and picked the carpet today. It's really dark but it was the only color for that price that matched. I like it but will the general public like it? That is always the question when picking things for this reno. Is it neutral enough? I am not a neutral person. I like bold and bright, a little off centre and a lot out of the box.

I decided that reaching those very high, awkward sketchy places to paint around the outside of the house was not for me. Sometimes it just isn't worth it and for the price of the new ladder I would have to buy to do it I could get Dave the painter to come do it for me. He is cheap, he's tall and he's hired. Done. I wash my hands of the whole thing. He starts tomorrow.

The stone gets delivered tomorrow, I am actually looking forward to making those fireplaces beautiful.

I get a kick out of people when they come to Willacy to drop things off, or show me samples, or to work. They all take the luxury of showing themselves around. I have never had a negative reaction to this house. People really like it. I hope it sells fast because of this.

But then, the lookers eyes are totally different than the buyers eyes. I am aware.

I have been drinking too much Diet Pepsi since I started working full time at the reno. I know this is bad for me but it's either that or eat. I feel like the shakes I sometimes get from the pop will leave me with less regret in the future than the 40 pounds I may need to lose after this is all said and done. If I walk away from Willacy with 40 extra pounds on me then slitting my throat becomes a viable option (not really, but sort of).

The pop is more productive.

Dear Diet Pepsi,

I love you.


My nanny and my maid and my mother moved out today. But not before she offered to have the children come stay with her for a couple of weeks when school is done. I honestly don't think we would stand a chance of getting this done in a reasonable amount of time if it weren't for her. She has literally given me the freedom to do nothing but work. I love my mother. She is my saving grace right now.

So within the next week or two my kids will be shipped off to Vernon for a couple of weeks and my reign as worst mother ever shall continue. Long live the queen!

The kids are coming. I must go and reintroduce myself. I haven't been here when they get home from school in weeks. I think I remember their names.....

P.S. Two days ago was the first time ever I had a desire to move into Willacy. Shhhh, don't tell the man.

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  1. Oh your secret is safe with me!! Anyways, post more pictures please!!