Monday, June 7, 2010

is it raining or pouring?

The weather blows. No question. It has been a long, cold, gray gross winter that has turned into a long, cold, gray, gross spring. If it doesn't turn into a 'true' summer soon I may become certifiable.

But I'm not actually talking about the weather. I am talking about how every time the man and I are financially strapped one of our vehicles breaks down. Since money is crazy tight right now with the reno I should have guessed that it wasn't just going to rain metaphorically but it would pour on us. And it has.

This past weekend my truck broke down.... sort of. It was running funny, all rumbly and stuff and then one day it just didn't start. The man came to my rescue and boosted it and then proceeded to make it worse by trying to fix it. In this process he figured out what was wrong with it and $60 later it was cured. Phew! What a relief. That wasn't so bad, I thought....... until today when I got the dreaded phone call.

I was at Willacy. Doing what, you ask? Painting, what else, when my mum called and said that the car, our car - the one she is driving while she is living here and doing my job while I paint, had broken down outside the library. It was my turn to come to her rescue. So I drove to the library wondering if $6 was going to cure the car as well.

As soon as I got to the library I felt better, I love the library. If I knew then what I know now I most definitely would have been a librarian but that's not the point.

I saved my mum, my nephew and my sweet oblivious 4 year old who's only concern when the car broke was if she was still getting a treat at 7-11, and took them home but was disturbed by something. My mum broke down on a very busy road and many, many people drove past her. No one stopped to help. She was standing there with my sweet little 4 year old and no one stopped to help her. In fact, one jack @$$ even had the nerve to roll down his window to inform her that there was something leaking out of her car, which had the hood up! I won't say what ran through my head as she told me this.

Finally two nice men came to help her. Seriously! 15 minutes of people driving by steadily before someone offered to help. What is this world coming to? Is everyone so busy that they can't take 5 minutes to see if everyone is okay? It made me sad.

And it rained most of the day which also makes me sad.

And my car is broken down 20 minutes from home and the bill to fix that will most likely make me sad.

What a fine day it has been. And yes, that was sarcasm.

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  1. Oh my gosh - Catherine - are we twins!?! And yes, I agree that it's sad. I was stranded on deerfoot a couple of years ago at night. I stood out in the cold trying to wave down someone to help me for over an hour before someone finally pulled over and let me use his cell phone to call AMA. I even had someone give me the finger and a few people honked and waved at me as they drove by! Horrible!!