Thursday, June 10, 2010

gong show

It is 10:48 pm and I should really go to bed. But, I have to record this ridiculous day, I just have to!

Up at 6:45. Got kids off to school at 7:30. Left at 8:20 to drive an hour away to get Chandler's homeschooling summer school stuff.

Willacy from 10-5. Painting, painting, painting. Walls are done.... the ones I can get to anyway. There are three left that have to wait for the finisher's to get their stuff out of the way. I even reached the nooks and crannies I thought I couldn't reach. Leaning on ladders is not recommended.

Painted a brown beam black to end off the work day. I love it. Here's a before and after to tempt you with:

One hour drive home just in time to drive Chandler a half hour to Martial Arts.

Then I took the other 4 kids to the mall to get birthday presents for birthday parties tomorrow and running shoes for races to be run on Saturday.

Bought a Lego present for Holden to take to Ethan's party. Holden lost Lego present in the mall. After a concerted effort to find said present I ended up buying the same present AGAIN! So now Ethan's birthday cost me $45. Who the heck is Ethan?

Drove four kids a half hour home. One of them looked like this

Put three kids to bed and left again to drive half hour to pick up Chandler at 10, who made me wait 20 minutes, to drive half hour home.

What a dumb day. My mood is low and so is my gas tank that I just filled up on Tuesday for $130.

This gong show is my life right now.

Anyone want it?...... or should I just pull the plug?

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  1. oh that painting looks gooooood!!!! Love it. And that sounds like a LOT of driving!!!!!