Monday, June 21, 2010

the glob and smear

If you were here, standing in front of me right now, you'd be staring at the most miserable mamacita you ever did see! I could not be less happy.

Today I started on the exterior trim around the windows at Willacy. It was HORRIBLE. I hated every second of it. All ten hours of it actually. I never would have guessed it could be that slow and painful. I didn't even finish if you can believe that madness and the touchups I have to do now are too vile to contemplate. Painting old gnarly wood trim is probably the worst chore I have ever done.

The neighbor came out of his house and we conversed:
him: Howdy neighbour!
me: hi
him: what are ya doin'?
me: um, painting the trim.
him: oh ya? Soooo...... is that the colour the house is going to be forever then?
me: yes..... do you not like it?
him: meh. I thought it was the primer, that's all.
me: nope. Not the primer. It's the paint. It'll grow on you.
him: mmmmmmmmmmmm..............
me: now beat it grumpy old man before I hop that fence and come after you with all my wild paint hating wrath! (Okay, I totally didn't say that but I thought it really hard!)

Have you ever looked at something so much that when you change it it just doesn't seem right? That's how I feel about Willacy. It just doesn't look right. I'm not sure about the exterior colours at all anymore. Whatever, it is what it is.

I mastered a new painting technique for exterior trim. It's called the 'glob and smear' and it looks awesome if hideous is the look you are going for. The trim is so old that the only thing that could possibly save it is all new windows and trim. But it wasn't to be so I tried to cover up the outstandingly terrible job the painters did before me. I globbed black paint all over that trim and then smeared it up and down and side to side. By the end of the day I hated myself and my brutal painting capabilities.... or lack thereof.

This day needs to end so I think I'll go make that happen now.

G'night!.......and good riddance.

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  1. That conversation with the old guy was funny :) I'd love to see the house IRL. Sounds like it is looking great!