Friday, June 25, 2010

super woman

The day before I went to work at Willacy full time my landlord decided she wanted to list the house we live in. I can not express how much I thought this was a terrible idea on so many levels. I made it very clear to her that although this is her house and she can do what she wants her timing could not be worse and that my priority was Willacy, not Cochrane. I just can't handle the idea of keeping this house show home clean for someone else while I work 10 hours a day on the reno. It isn't my house, I don't care what her problems are. I just don't. The next day there was a showing.

There hasn't been one since. Someone's been looking out for my sanity.

This morning I awoke at 5:48 to see the man standing in our bedroom dressed for work. We fell asleep just before midnight.

me: what are you doing?
him: going to work.
me: oh...... (roll over, back to sleep)

A few minutes later I heard the house door to the garage open, as it does every morning. It beeps due to the alarm system that is roughed in but not active. Then I hear the overhead door open, as I do every morning. Our bedroom is above the garage so it is especially disruptive to me but better me than the kids, right? He doesn't park in the garage. He just walks through it. I have always thought this was strange but because I am a loving, patient wife I never say anything. Then I heard the overhead door close, as I always do. But because it is 6 am it is a tad annoying. I roll over, again.

Then I hear the overhead door open, AGAIN. Are you kidding me? Is he trying to drive me nuts? Then I hear the house door open, which beeps, again. Then I hear his heavy feet stomp across the floor in his giant work boots. Then I hear the house door to the garage open and beep, again. Then I hear the overhead door close, again.

Then I hear Amelia. She's up and now so am I. I love the man, I really do.

Today I was Super Woman. I went to Willacy to load the stone into the house. I am still waiting for the man to be done his work job so he can focus on Willacy. So I thought I'd get the stone inside and ready to go. We ordered a tonne, yes a literal tonne, of stone and yesterday it was delivered to the bottom of the driveway.

(Yes, that's my Big Gulp cup full of Diet Pepsi sitting right in front of the stone. Don't judge me)

I moved it to here.....

.....with that little green bucket.

It was heavy and now I have blisters. Since I am Super Woman I opted not to stop and buy work gloves. So now I will draw upon my AHP (Amazing Healing Powers - inherited from my dad) to get my hands back to normal. Ouch.

I was feeling pretty wicked about myself. Loading all those buckets and heaving them into the house. That's some heavy stone, I'm telling you. It took 2.5 hours and my back hurt AND I was sweating.

Then the man showed up, with about 5 loads left. He didn't seem too impressed with my amazing strength and determination. So I said: Look what I've done! And he said: Good job babe.

He brought me back to earth. Fast. The man is a framer. He builds houses all day every day all by himself. He works hard. Harder than anyone I know. So I guess when he sees that I've worked hard for a couple of hours every now and then it is less than impressive to him. Okay, I get it.

But for me, I was Super Woman. Even if only for 2.5 hours on a Friday.

As I was typing this post I noticed this out my office window.........

Yes, that is my naked three old neighbour with her new severely broken leg. I'm pretty sure posting this picture breaks all kinds of laws but I'm positive the way my neighbour parents does as well. But I'm not judging......

Not everyone can be Super Woman.

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