Wednesday, June 30, 2010

twilight bachelors

This morning I had the extraordinary opportunity to see an early viewing of the new movie Eclipse. I learned a few things from this experience. Things I wasn't expecting to learn today and will take forward with me as I live out the remainder of my days.

One, the Twilight movies get better every time they make one which is very unusual for sequels. Am I wrong?

Second, I am deeply confused by the choice of wardrobe for this movie. It was mostly just a hoodie fest. Dark brown, gray, black, what have you......There was some plaid thrown in for a little variety. Since when is a mud colored hoodie thrown over a plaid shirt even remotely attractive or feminine? What do these people have against cute clothes that flatter as opposed to depress the human eye? I just don't understand it. Vampires can't be pretty? Or vampires girlfriends? Remember that cute white peasant shirt Bella wore in Twilight? Now that was an attractive shirt.

Third, if vampires and werewolves can find true everlasting love with plain, mopey, mortal girls who dress like homeless boys then why can't Jake and Vienna? It is a mystery.......

See, I have done some research lately. All in the name of basic human understanding. I have never lowered myself to the level of watching trash on tv like the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. It is ridiculous and obscene. It is awkward and so beyond what normal people do that why would I, or anyone else, waste precious time on such garbage? I do watch Big Brother though, but that doesn't count because it just can't be compared to anything. It is entertainment at it's finest. (Why haven't they invented the sarcasm font yet? Get on that Cathie)

I digress. I have decided, though, that to better understand the general public I should watch some of what they watch. Like I said, research. So I watched the last four episodes of the Bachelor and have watched all but one of this season's Bachelorette. This brings me back to Jake and Vienna.

By the time I was their age I had been married numerous years and had three children. Now, I'm not saying that everyone who is 28, give or take, should be married OR have children, never mind both. What I AM saying is that if I can be mature enough to maintain that level of responsibility at that early age then surely Jake and Vienna, or any of the poor ridiculous saps that fight tooth and nail to get on that show, can as well. Seriously people, how hard can it be to find yourselves on tv choosing love from a multitude of desperate souls who give up actual mature, responsible things to be there? Like jobs, and friends and apartments and stuff. Reality television coupling just makes perfect sense. There are cultures who advocate arranged marriages and they seem to be functioning just fine. So what is wrong with Jake and Vienna? They seemed so normal. No?

It does make one ponder the existence of true love. UNTIL....... one has the opportunity to view vampires who are bound to mortals by an undying eternal love that only death via getting your limbs and head torn off can break.

Thank goodness for these little moments to bring one back to reality and the eternal pursuit of true passion and love.

Edward is soooo dreamy.............. Go team Jacob!

Post edit:
As I wrote this I thought it was completely and utterly obvious that I was being a smart alec. I do not want any confusion. I do not look for love tips in the Twilight movies nor do I think that grown men and woman should even attempt to find true love and happiness on the set of the Bachelor. However, as bad as I thought the Twilight books were written and poorly edited I do enjoy the movies. I am a big enough person to admit that.

Monday, June 28, 2010

sick of it

I'm sick of talking about Willacy. I'm sick of looking at Willacy. I'm sick of driving to Willacy. I'm sick of worrying about Willacy. I'm sick of buying paint for Willacy. I'm sick of sanding the window sills, of filling holes, of wondering how I am going to get the stone on the fireplaces and I'm especially sick of wondering if people will like it when it is done.

I am sick of worrying about September. I'm sick of the questions "Are you moving?" and "where are you moving to?" I'm sick of wishing this wasn't happening. I'm sick of being dirty all the time. I'm sick of the stomach ache I have continually. I'm sick of my blog that is strictly a reno update because that's all I do. I'm sick of waiting for the man. I'm sick of driving around getting stuff and having it take all morning.

I'm sick of it. I want my life back.

I'm not sick of Amelia though and how ridiculously cute she is. Tonight I asked her some questions based on a conversation I heard her having with her brother Holden yesterday.

me: Amelia, where does bacon come from?
her: pigs butt
me: is bacon yummy?
her: yes
me: is pig's butt yummy?
her: only when it's in bacon

I seriously love that kid and when I get sick to death of Willacy I think of her.

I wish this summer wasn't already a write off.

Friday, June 25, 2010

super woman

The day before I went to work at Willacy full time my landlord decided she wanted to list the house we live in. I can not express how much I thought this was a terrible idea on so many levels. I made it very clear to her that although this is her house and she can do what she wants her timing could not be worse and that my priority was Willacy, not Cochrane. I just can't handle the idea of keeping this house show home clean for someone else while I work 10 hours a day on the reno. It isn't my house, I don't care what her problems are. I just don't. The next day there was a showing.

There hasn't been one since. Someone's been looking out for my sanity.

This morning I awoke at 5:48 to see the man standing in our bedroom dressed for work. We fell asleep just before midnight.

me: what are you doing?
him: going to work.
me: oh...... (roll over, back to sleep)

A few minutes later I heard the house door to the garage open, as it does every morning. It beeps due to the alarm system that is roughed in but not active. Then I hear the overhead door open, as I do every morning. Our bedroom is above the garage so it is especially disruptive to me but better me than the kids, right? He doesn't park in the garage. He just walks through it. I have always thought this was strange but because I am a loving, patient wife I never say anything. Then I heard the overhead door close, as I always do. But because it is 6 am it is a tad annoying. I roll over, again.

Then I hear the overhead door open, AGAIN. Are you kidding me? Is he trying to drive me nuts? Then I hear the house door open, which beeps, again. Then I hear his heavy feet stomp across the floor in his giant work boots. Then I hear the house door to the garage open and beep, again. Then I hear the overhead door close, again.

Then I hear Amelia. She's up and now so am I. I love the man, I really do.

Today I was Super Woman. I went to Willacy to load the stone into the house. I am still waiting for the man to be done his work job so he can focus on Willacy. So I thought I'd get the stone inside and ready to go. We ordered a tonne, yes a literal tonne, of stone and yesterday it was delivered to the bottom of the driveway.

(Yes, that's my Big Gulp cup full of Diet Pepsi sitting right in front of the stone. Don't judge me)

I moved it to here.....

.....with that little green bucket.

It was heavy and now I have blisters. Since I am Super Woman I opted not to stop and buy work gloves. So now I will draw upon my AHP (Amazing Healing Powers - inherited from my dad) to get my hands back to normal. Ouch.

I was feeling pretty wicked about myself. Loading all those buckets and heaving them into the house. That's some heavy stone, I'm telling you. It took 2.5 hours and my back hurt AND I was sweating.

Then the man showed up, with about 5 loads left. He didn't seem too impressed with my amazing strength and determination. So I said: Look what I've done! And he said: Good job babe.

He brought me back to earth. Fast. The man is a framer. He builds houses all day every day all by himself. He works hard. Harder than anyone I know. So I guess when he sees that I've worked hard for a couple of hours every now and then it is less than impressive to him. Okay, I get it.

But for me, I was Super Woman. Even if only for 2.5 hours on a Friday.

As I was typing this post I noticed this out my office window.........

Yes, that is my naked three old neighbour with her new severely broken leg. I'm pretty sure posting this picture breaks all kinds of laws but I'm positive the way my neighbour parents does as well. But I'm not judging......

Not everyone can be Super Woman.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

mid afternoon blogging

It is 2:38 pm and I am home. The house is empty, besides the teenager who is quietly somewhere else, and it is so so quiet. I have guilt because I am sitting at the computer and not working. The children will be home in 25 minutes.

It is just me and my blog.......

I went to Willacy and picked the carpet today. It's really dark but it was the only color for that price that matched. I like it but will the general public like it? That is always the question when picking things for this reno. Is it neutral enough? I am not a neutral person. I like bold and bright, a little off centre and a lot out of the box.

I decided that reaching those very high, awkward sketchy places to paint around the outside of the house was not for me. Sometimes it just isn't worth it and for the price of the new ladder I would have to buy to do it I could get Dave the painter to come do it for me. He is cheap, he's tall and he's hired. Done. I wash my hands of the whole thing. He starts tomorrow.

The stone gets delivered tomorrow, I am actually looking forward to making those fireplaces beautiful.

I get a kick out of people when they come to Willacy to drop things off, or show me samples, or to work. They all take the luxury of showing themselves around. I have never had a negative reaction to this house. People really like it. I hope it sells fast because of this.

But then, the lookers eyes are totally different than the buyers eyes. I am aware.

I have been drinking too much Diet Pepsi since I started working full time at the reno. I know this is bad for me but it's either that or eat. I feel like the shakes I sometimes get from the pop will leave me with less regret in the future than the 40 pounds I may need to lose after this is all said and done. If I walk away from Willacy with 40 extra pounds on me then slitting my throat becomes a viable option (not really, but sort of).

The pop is more productive.

Dear Diet Pepsi,

I love you.


My nanny and my maid and my mother moved out today. But not before she offered to have the children come stay with her for a couple of weeks when school is done. I honestly don't think we would stand a chance of getting this done in a reasonable amount of time if it weren't for her. She has literally given me the freedom to do nothing but work. I love my mother. She is my saving grace right now.

So within the next week or two my kids will be shipped off to Vernon for a couple of weeks and my reign as worst mother ever shall continue. Long live the queen!

The kids are coming. I must go and reintroduce myself. I haven't been here when they get home from school in weeks. I think I remember their names.....

P.S. Two days ago was the first time ever I had a desire to move into Willacy. Shhhh, don't tell the man.

Monday, June 21, 2010

the glob and smear

If you were here, standing in front of me right now, you'd be staring at the most miserable mamacita you ever did see! I could not be less happy.

Today I started on the exterior trim around the windows at Willacy. It was HORRIBLE. I hated every second of it. All ten hours of it actually. I never would have guessed it could be that slow and painful. I didn't even finish if you can believe that madness and the touchups I have to do now are too vile to contemplate. Painting old gnarly wood trim is probably the worst chore I have ever done.

The neighbor came out of his house and we conversed:
him: Howdy neighbour!
me: hi
him: what are ya doin'?
me: um, painting the trim.
him: oh ya? Soooo...... is that the colour the house is going to be forever then?
me: yes..... do you not like it?
him: meh. I thought it was the primer, that's all.
me: nope. Not the primer. It's the paint. It'll grow on you.
him: mmmmmmmmmmmm..............
me: now beat it grumpy old man before I hop that fence and come after you with all my wild paint hating wrath! (Okay, I totally didn't say that but I thought it really hard!)

Have you ever looked at something so much that when you change it it just doesn't seem right? That's how I feel about Willacy. It just doesn't look right. I'm not sure about the exterior colours at all anymore. Whatever, it is what it is.

I mastered a new painting technique for exterior trim. It's called the 'glob and smear' and it looks awesome if hideous is the look you are going for. The trim is so old that the only thing that could possibly save it is all new windows and trim. But it wasn't to be so I tried to cover up the outstandingly terrible job the painters did before me. I globbed black paint all over that trim and then smeared it up and down and side to side. By the end of the day I hated myself and my brutal painting capabilities.... or lack thereof.

This day needs to end so I think I'll go make that happen now.

G'night!.......and good riddance.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

peaceful warriors

Today Jack attended his first Martial Arts tournament. Holden was too afraid so he watched with me. It was awesome fun to watch.

He won Bronze in Patterns.

And Gold in Sparring.

The kid is a total Rock Star!

Between getting his orange belt on Friday and this tournament I am one proud mama.

Friday, June 18, 2010

really long post

Yesterday was my anniversary. 15 years of wedded bliss. I can not believe it has been 15 years. We got married in the 90's. Enough said.

I wasn't much in the mood to celebrate. I am emotionally and physically spent but we figured that while my mum is here we should probably go out for dinner since 15 is kind of a big number. I felt crummy during the day but went out anyway for dinner. I ate a huge steak dinner and slept all the way home. I am such a fun date. The man is so lucky.

We don't usually give each other gifts for our anniversary because at some point during the year we both spend too much money on something we don't need and blame it on the anniversary. This year the man happened to have a golf trip planned for this weekend. So for our anniversary I gave him a golf weekend away and he gave me a reno. What a guy!

Just kidding! He sort of felt bad that this weekend happened to fall on Father's Day weekend and also our anniversary (almost) so he told me he bought me a gift. I have been hinting (or more like begging) for something for awhile now and I TOTALLY thought that was what he bought me. I was so excited to get it all week. It was like Christmas.

I didn't get it.

I guess he didn't feel that bad. I won't say what it was because if he reads this he may give me a hard time and tell me my eyes are too big for his pockets. But he did get me something I wanted so terribly bad that it was the most lovely of second choice gifts I ever could have asked for and no, it isn't a reno. A gift card to Chapters.

Now this is special to me and if you don't know me very well I will explain why. I have a problem and it may or may not involve overspending on books. Okay it totally involves overspending on books. I get goosebumps at the prospect of buying books. I LOVE it SO much. I used to not be able to go to Costco without buying one. If I was down or blue I would veer towards Chapters on the way home and spend. If I was alone running errands I would always stop in. At the mall? Yep, Coles. Needed a moment to myself after a hard day at home with children? You get the picture....... The bookstore is my 'other' happy place. I have so many books on my shelves it would take years to read them all and unless I get hit by a truck prematurely I WILL read them all. (Not before my sister does though) Sometimes I go down stairs and stare at my books. Shhh, that's weird so don't tell anyone.

I decided to make a New Year's resolution this year and not buy books for one year. No one thought I could do it. I think I'll prove them wrong. When I get the urge to scrap the resolution I just go downstairs and stare at my books. I have so many I don't know where the need to buy more comes from but 6 months in and the urge is nowhere near gone especially when I go to Costco but then I just stay away from the aisle that has books. It's hard. Really hard.

I also stipulated in the contract that people giving me gift cards was not the same as me buying books. Everyone agreed so that is the out clause. But it's taken 6 months to get one. Come on people! I'm dying over here. I can not wait to go to Chapters and spend it. The man told me I was not allowed to go more that $5 over the gift card. Oh the challenge!!

I did sort of cheat when I bought my mom a book for Mother's Day that I really wanted to read and then asked her if I could borrow it when she was done. It is sitting on my book shelf now.

Okay. Moving on. For all intents and purposes the little brown house can no longer be called the little brown house. It shall here after be referred to as the little green house because it is little and GREEN! No rain today equals me painting. It did spit on me as I was finishing up but that doesn't count PLUS I was unstoppable. Now it isn't all green yet and this is why. There is a little corner in the back that I was too short to reach and my ladder sunk so much in the mud it was dangerous. I will not sacrifice my body for this stupid house. I will wait for the deck to be built. And there is a patio who's walls need to be painted but it has a roof on it that needs to be removed first and a whole lot of crap on it that needs to get cleaned up before I can get in there. Other than that it is done.

Tomorrow the trim gets started. That should be fun. I'll post more pictures when the trim is done. Today it is walls. Green walls.

(I wonder if the man is enjoying his golf weekend in Montana........)

Tonight my boys had another belt test for Martial Arts. Watching these two little men do their Martial Arts brings me an immense amount of joy. They are both good at it and they both love it and as a parent that really is somethin'!

Well done little men. Orange belts. Neat.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

stoned outbreak

With the stinkin' rain I am desperately looking for things to do inside the little brown house. I swear, I am not coping well with the endless rain. I just can't believe it. Enough already! I did hit the Walmart Supercentre though to kill some time and it was awesome. When you are one of 20 people inside a Walmart Supercentre it truly is the grandest of feelings.

Anyway, today I went to start filling the millions of little holes in the trim and baseboard to get it all prepped for lacquering. I have to stay out of the way though so these guys can work which means there are rooms I can't get to right now. It's fine, I will just do what I can while I IMPATIENTLY wait for the rain TO END!

Work boys. WORK!!! They told me Saturday but now they are saying Monday. Whatever, just hurry up. (I only thought that last part in my head).

Jesse, the kitchen guy who is also a friend told me my filler and tools for filling all the billions of holes were crap so he went to his truck and brought me the 'good stuff'. When he said 'good stuff' I figured he meant the stuff that works the best but what he actually meant was the 'good stuff' like the stuff that gives you the best buzz. For about 3 hours today I was completely inebriated. I dare say, my head hurts now and I am sleepy. The fun thing about the 'good stuff' is that it is red. So now my little brown house looks like it has the chicken pox.

I did all I could. I filled trillions of little holes and then realized it was 2 pm and I was starved so I went to the mall for lunch and to buy the man a gift. My mum loves that I wear my painting clothes out in public. I don't care at all. Strangely, it makes me feel young. I forgot why I started to tell you that..............

Maybe I'm still looped. If you know what I mean........

The man hates it when I exaggerate. I'm not though, I filled at least a gazillion holes.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

my happy place

On the way home from the little brown house today the rain poured down on my truck and my mind went to my happy place.

My happy place looks like this.......

.....I am ready to go back.

Monday, June 14, 2010

dying to be green

I feel like I'm not getting anything done at the reno. My brakes are on. I am all set and ready to go to get paint on the outside of the house but mother nature has entirely different plans.

It won't stop raining! And it's super aggravating! Saturday and Sunday were beautiful but those two days I just could not be there. Monday thru Friday it RAINS! It's her full time job I guess.

The kitchen guys are in the house building my new kitchen and that's awesome. They'll be done Saturday or so Jesse says. We'll see if he's a man of his word.

I had two tiling guys come today to quote the tiling job. The man and I were going to do it but I have decided that I don't want to have anything to do with it so we were going to try and hire it out. It's too expensive though so we have to do it ourselves. That really sucks. I don't want to tile but I guess next week I will hang up my painting hat and put on the tiling hat. I am a lucky girl. Remind me to thank the man for this amazing opportunity. If it ever stops raining I will have to put that ugly painting hat back on again as well. Can't wait.

I just realized that I forgot to go to my last yoga class tonight. Uh oh! I am such a flake right now!!

Tomorrow I will try to track down an under mounted bathroom sink, they are harder to find than you'd think. I also need to book the countertop guys for next week. I don't think anyone cares but me...... and the man....... and my poor mother who is still here holding down the fort for me and doing an amazing job. She's great. I'll cry when she leaves next week.

If I stand outside while I cry no one will be able to tell for the world is crying too. Just be happy world. Just be happy for the little brown house is simply dying to be green!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

weekend update

I have reached a whole new level of tired. One I haven't experienced since Jack was a baby 10 years ago and I didn't sleep for a year. Now that's tired.

I wanted to just lay around and veg all weekend and for the most part I did but Saturday morning I was obligated to take part in Footstock with my two oldest kids.
When I registered us months ago I had every intention of training for it and beating my time from last year but life got in the way and June has been consumed with the reno. I stopped training and focused on other more pressing issues. Like not dying financially.

I signed up Cicely and Jack to run it as well. Cicely trained. Jack did not. He's only ten, I figured he'd just do his best and then he could say he ran a 10K.... just for the fun of it. He was supposed to run it with a friend but that friend didn't register in time so Jack asked me to stay with him. No problem, I thought, I haven't trained either so we'll just go it slow and see how it goes.

We had a plan. We talked about it lots. Jack was nervous. Ten seconds into the race he was itching just to get on with it. He didn't want to stay with me, he just wanted to go. Go, I said. I'll catch up with you when you burn yourself out. I never saw him again.

As I crossed the finish line an hour and 21 minutes later (5 minutes worse than last year) I saw them waiting for me. How did you do I asked? Cicely said she did it in an hour and 3. Wow! That's great, I told her. You beat your personal best by a minute. I looked at Jack........

58 minutes, he said.

WHAT?????? Are you kidding me? I looked back at Cicely. She said he passed her shortly into it and never saw him again! WHAT?????? Are you kidding me?

He said he ran for a bit with an older lady who kept telling him he was doing so well. She came up to me after and told me she couldn't believe it that she was going to get beat by a 10 year old. Oh to be 10 and to weigh 88 pounds. I guess they glide above ground. Her official time was 1:03:34, she came in third for her age group and his was 57:52. Unreal.

Me, on the other hand...... different story. I'm not a runner. In fact, I can walk faster than I can run. I was thinking, as I chased my curvy shadow all along the river, that if I had power walked it I may have had a better time!

All in all........

................not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.

This weekend my kids are my heros.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

gong show

It is 10:48 pm and I should really go to bed. But, I have to record this ridiculous day, I just have to!

Up at 6:45. Got kids off to school at 7:30. Left at 8:20 to drive an hour away to get Chandler's homeschooling summer school stuff.

Willacy from 10-5. Painting, painting, painting. Walls are done.... the ones I can get to anyway. There are three left that have to wait for the finisher's to get their stuff out of the way. I even reached the nooks and crannies I thought I couldn't reach. Leaning on ladders is not recommended.

Painted a brown beam black to end off the work day. I love it. Here's a before and after to tempt you with:

One hour drive home just in time to drive Chandler a half hour to Martial Arts.

Then I took the other 4 kids to the mall to get birthday presents for birthday parties tomorrow and running shoes for races to be run on Saturday.

Bought a Lego present for Holden to take to Ethan's party. Holden lost Lego present in the mall. After a concerted effort to find said present I ended up buying the same present AGAIN! So now Ethan's birthday cost me $45. Who the heck is Ethan?

Drove four kids a half hour home. One of them looked like this

Put three kids to bed and left again to drive half hour to pick up Chandler at 10, who made me wait 20 minutes, to drive half hour home.

What a dumb day. My mood is low and so is my gas tank that I just filled up on Tuesday for $130.

This gong show is my life right now.

Anyone want it?...... or should I just pull the plug?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a shade darker?

I can't decide if I should paint the bathrooms the same color as everywhere else or paint them a shade or two darker of the same color.

The color I chose for the house is a very light gray/green.

I don't know what to do......

Monday, June 7, 2010

is it raining or pouring?

The weather blows. No question. It has been a long, cold, gray gross winter that has turned into a long, cold, gray, gross spring. If it doesn't turn into a 'true' summer soon I may become certifiable.

But I'm not actually talking about the weather. I am talking about how every time the man and I are financially strapped one of our vehicles breaks down. Since money is crazy tight right now with the reno I should have guessed that it wasn't just going to rain metaphorically but it would pour on us. And it has.

This past weekend my truck broke down.... sort of. It was running funny, all rumbly and stuff and then one day it just didn't start. The man came to my rescue and boosted it and then proceeded to make it worse by trying to fix it. In this process he figured out what was wrong with it and $60 later it was cured. Phew! What a relief. That wasn't so bad, I thought....... until today when I got the dreaded phone call.

I was at Willacy. Doing what, you ask? Painting, what else, when my mum called and said that the car, our car - the one she is driving while she is living here and doing my job while I paint, had broken down outside the library. It was my turn to come to her rescue. So I drove to the library wondering if $6 was going to cure the car as well.

As soon as I got to the library I felt better, I love the library. If I knew then what I know now I most definitely would have been a librarian but that's not the point.

I saved my mum, my nephew and my sweet oblivious 4 year old who's only concern when the car broke was if she was still getting a treat at 7-11, and took them home but was disturbed by something. My mum broke down on a very busy road and many, many people drove past her. No one stopped to help. She was standing there with my sweet little 4 year old and no one stopped to help her. In fact, one jack @$$ even had the nerve to roll down his window to inform her that there was something leaking out of her car, which had the hood up! I won't say what ran through my head as she told me this.

Finally two nice men came to help her. Seriously! 15 minutes of people driving by steadily before someone offered to help. What is this world coming to? Is everyone so busy that they can't take 5 minutes to see if everyone is okay? It made me sad.

And it rained most of the day which also makes me sad.

And my car is broken down 20 minutes from home and the bill to fix that will most likely make me sad.

What a fine day it has been. And yes, that was sarcasm.

Friday, June 4, 2010

a series of dears.....

Dear paint sprayer,

Although I truly appreciate when you work at your full potential inside I truly believe that if you would just spray the exterior paint onto the house when I ask you to that we could be really good friends..... forever.


Dear ladder,

I can't thank you enough for not throwing me down after I climbed you 387 times today. I am afraid of heights and painting those high walls is scary for me. Oh, and thanks for ignoring my big butt.


Dear Willacy,

Please get done faster. I am soooo very tired.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

potty talk

Today I had an epiphany while using the only semi working toilet at the little brown house. Before I explain my epiphany I should show you what I endure while I work there.

This is the toilet I get to use 10 times a day. Despite the fact that I am a lady, I pee a lot:

This lovely toilet doesn't flush so here is the bucket we fill to pour away the you-know-what:

And this is the super handy tap we use to fill the bucket:

And this is the little tiny white pushy thingie that turns the water on to fill the bucket:

And here is my epiphany:

It doesn't bother me to use this toilet. Every time I go in there I say to myself "wow, this room really smells bad. I can't wait until it is new and pretty". And then I get up, fill the bucket, pour the bucket into the toilet, use some had sanitizer and walk away.

After the 8th time using this disgusting bathroom today I recalled one of the funniest things my mum has ever said to me.
Once I belched in her presence and she said this exact thing to me (and to whoever was standing there with us.) "My only regret in life is that my daughters are not more refined". She'll deny saying that, I'm sure, but it is the ABSOLUTE truth. She said it, I swear!

Then I remembered another funny thing she did when we were kids. She dragged all of us to K-Mart. She was looking for something and when she couldn't find it she went to ask someone. While she was talking to him she burped. Very lady-like, but it was a burp, nonetheless. She can deny that all she wants but there are witnesses so it would be fruitless for her to try.

So again, genetics. I am classy because my mum is classy. It's really very simple. And it's this refined classiness that allows me to sit here.....

.............10 times a day.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

paint.... and stuff

Today I painted and painted and painted. I am very tired now.

Tomorrow I will paint some more and the day after that and the day after that.........

I also went to my very first Supercentre Walmart and I am in love. Ahhhhhh.

I hope it doesn't rain anymore so I can paint the outside of the little brown house. I also hope my dad doesn't nag me anymore about the dead hot tub lying on the lawn. We actually had this conversation today:

dad: let me carry that paint sprayer for you.

me: it's okay dad, it's not that heavy. I've got it.

dad: geez child, you're gonna have a stroke!


This man ate chinese buffet for lunch and Chicken on the Way for dinner. Who's gonna have a stroke??

I love the Super Walmart. Did I say that already?

What should I take the finisher's for their treats tomorrow?

I did a headstand at yoga last night, that's really something and speaking of yoga, I hurt badly today. I wonder if it was the yoga. Or the painting.

I must sleep now for tomorrow I paint.