Monday, May 17, 2010

sunday slack

Yesterday was Sunday. The man left early, as per usual, for his meetings. I got up and showered and bathed Amelia and hollered at the rest of them to get dressed for church, we had to leave a little bit early and the teens hate that. I wolfed down a banana and chugged a diet pepsi on the way. Bad, I know!

For some reason I sweat while I get ready for church, I think it's stress. I shower and do my makeup and blow dry my hair and then straighten it. Then I get dressed but by this point I am sweating. It's silly because I do this exact routine every day but on Sundays I sweat. By the time I get to church I have a few kinks in my hair I had just spent time ironing out and mostly this just irritates me. It's a very delicate procedure.

The children all feed themselves breakfast on Sunday and of course they all have to have different things. I ignore the state of the kitchen, as I do every Sunday morning, on my way out the door.

I love church, especially yesterday because I got to go to Relief Society and anyone who has spent time in Primary knows what I am talking about. We had a special meeting for the sisters so the Young Women filled in for us in the primary for the third hour. It was chaos. When I went in after to gather my children my oldest, Cicely (12), who had been helping came to me and said this, "Get me out of here! I hate primary SO MUCH!" I laughed so hard and felt her pain all at the same time.

Lunch was waffles. Half an hour of me standing at 2 waffle irons trying to keep up to the little mouths that are so famished on Sundays. Why are we all so hungry? Now, I'm tired. The night before the man and I went to see Iron Man 2 and we stayed up late.... too late. I am tired.

I leave the mess which has now joined the breakfast mess and plant my butt on the couch for the next EIGHT HOURS. It was pure bliss. I did get up on occasion to use the potty or to get a child something or to refill my drink which was often water but mostly not. I did make a nice supper while I watched AFV - that show kills me.

Then Survivor started at 6, which was a little surprise because I forgot it was the finale. You can just imagine my euphoria.
During a commercial break I threw two kids in bed and told them that because they got to stay up late (7:15) they wouldn't get a story tonight. I know, BAD! I'll read them two tomorrow..... no I won't.

At nine there was nothing on so I read my scriptures and then started a new book. I got tired and contemplated bed. Before I got up I said to the man "I would give anything to have 4 Sundays a week and totally miss Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday." He agreed.

Then I got up and looked at the kitchen.

I realized then that I NEED Monday............ to pick up the sunday slack.

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