Friday, May 14, 2010

simply sleep

I know you love to hear about my PMS but I love to talk about it so if you don't like it TURN AWAY.

Sometimes, when I have it, I don't sleep well. I fall asleep no problem but if I wake up at any point in the night I am done for. Anxiety kicks in and my mind moves a million miles an hour and everything seems so catastrophic in the middle of the night. I should keep a pen and paper by my bed so I can write down the ridiculous amount of drama that runs through my mind. Why is everything so exaggerated during the night? For the last 4 nights I haven't been sleeping more than 4 or 5 hours. Now for my dad this would be fine, for whatever reason he doesn't need as much sleep as most, or my brother Vance for that matter but whatever. For me.... it just doesn't work.

I get the worst headaches that nothing will touch except sleep but there is no sleep so I live with smashing headaches. I feel lethargic and just plain sick to my stomach.

Last night I felt desperate for sleep. The kind of desperate that new moms feel when they hear their babies squeak for the 37th time in the night. The kind of desperate that makes you think if someone crosses you they may lose their life. Hanging on by a thread kind of desperate.

So I took some Simply Sleep made by Tylenol. Did it work? Who knows. I'm still so out of it I can barely see straight. I took the little pills and waited. I probably shouldn't admit this but I kind of really like the moment when chemicals take over your body and leave you in a little world of chemically induced bliss. Since I'm not a drug addict this only happens on rare occasion when I pop some Advil LiquiGels or drink too much Diet Pepsi. I waited for the moment that the pills took over. I got bored and fell asleep......

So I guess they sort of worked because even though I did wake up 12 times I always went back to sleep. It was hard getting up with the kids for school and now I am sitting here in front of the computer with glazed eyes and drool on my shirt. I just can't shake the foggy grog.

Verdict: I don't care for the Simply Sleep.

P.S. Editing this was a true act of love and patience as my brain and fingers can't seem to coordinate. I should have posted the first was in Greek.


  1. I hate that feeling of being groggy and out of it and I totally remember being desperate for sleep!! You poor woman - go take a nap!

  2. yep i hate that groggy feeling too!!!