Monday, May 10, 2010

mother's day madness

I had a great Mother's Day. I really did. Here are some of the highlights:

A convo between my two lovely sons as I got ready for church:

Holden: MOM! Tell Jack to stop licking my stuff!

Me (as I straighten my hair up in my room so I have to holler down): Jack! Stop licking Holden's stuff!

Jack: But.... I like licking his stuff.

I love Sunday mornings.

A picture of me with my babies before church taken by the man.

Nope....don't like it.

Mmmm... do it again.

Everyone LOOK at dad!!!



Getting warmer

There you go!
Thanks Mr. Darcy


A mani/pedi with the four year old:

She's good!

And the chocolate! Holy crap the chocolate!!!

I told you not to get me chocolate! Whatever, I'll eat em.

Thanks Cicely!

The chocolates that we got at church that the man was in charge of that I may or may not have completely taken over so as to get exactly what I wanted. (My interference put him $42 over budget and he did wrap them but I made 100 little quotes so I feel entitled)

Seriously people!?!?! Have you not seen my bum?? (Okay, I asked for these but that's not the point.)

This is not chocolate, and not the right scent for that matter, but I still love the thought and I will go and get the right scent as soon as I'm done here!

There was also a steak dinner thrown in there somewhere that was delish mostly because I didn't have to make it. (Today I will have to clean a big chunk of the disaster it created but I'll do that with a happy heart because I love the man)

And then there was this.....

....and who wouldn't love being the mother to that little creature?

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic day! Good job on the chocolates. You have a good bum :)