Saturday, May 22, 2010


This is what I did yesterday.

Woke up early. Kids didn't have school but my body didn't care and woke up at 6 anyway. Thanks wicked body.

Played on the computer for what seemed like FOREVER but the kids had no school so what was I going to do all day?

Tempted the children with some geocaching. They wanted video games and I told them there would be no consideration given to electronics until their rooms were cleaned. They cleaned, I played on the computer. Is that electronic?

They finished and wanted gaming. I said no. How about geocaching? How about lunch, they said. Yes, it was lunch time.

We ate lunch.

We went geocaching. Mom won, shocking. Only the boys came which was a good thing because it turned into quite the event. Hiking steep hills, prickly bushes, swamps..... fun but dangerous for a four year old.

My phone died and the teen wiped out and got road rash so we went to the video store.

Now I'm tired, so I played on the computer again but that got boring so I read. I let the boys play with the computer for a bit.

Then......COSTCO. Me and five kids to Costco for dinner. This small town thing is wearing off on me and now going into the big city is almost more than I can stand. It takes some serious mind manipulating to think that lil ol' me can handle Costco with 5 kids at supper time. Wait....... I'm tough, or so I used to be. We gave it a go and breezed through it.

On the way home Chandler said something hilarious that I can't share because it would offend but I laughed for 10 straight minutes. In fact, it won quote of the day but like I said I can't share. I only told the man and when my sister calls I will tell her and probably my mom too.

The kids watched The Tooth Fairy and ate popcorn. Then they went to bed LATE. It was like 8:15.

The man and I started to watch the epic saga 'Che' and I promptly fell asleep. It had been a really big day, if you know what I mean. I was tired. So I slumbered on the couch until 10:30 when the man kicked the teenager to bed and dragged me up the stairs. I had guilt that the poor kid had to go to bed at 10:30 on a Friday night. I felt terrible about it for about 3 minutes until my head hit the pillow and the ear plugs went in.

What a day. Good thing I chose this glamorous life because I'm not sure the universe could have handled me and my endless amount of energy and imagination and desire to change the world with my awesomeness if I had chosen NOT to be mommy and piddle around all day.

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