Saturday, May 8, 2010

dead bodies and traffic violations

Last night I took Mr. Darcy on a date. Since we live in Cochrane everything feels so far away so you have to add a couple of hours to everything you do if you need to drive very far into the city. He was late getting home from work, of course, so it was a mad dash to get downtown to see the Body Worlds and the Brain exhibit. For whatever reason I felt compelled to go see this bizzaro exhibit I've been hearing so much about.

The exhibit was, um, interesting. It was so hot in there my fingers were like sausages when we got out. Many dead bodies, stripped of their skin is what welcomed us. I knew that's what it was but still..... They were all posed in different positions with certain organs made visible for our viewing pleasure. There was yoga lady and baseball guy and the ponderer. There were lots of body organs for us to stare at and from what I could see most of us staring were doing it with looks of 'disgust meets fascination' on our faces.

The most interesting part to me was the fetus section. It was sectioned off and very private. It had a bunch of little wee ones whose existence was short lived. They were perched in little beds of black and looked so sweet. The dead pregnant lady was sickly fascinating.

The exhibit, on the whole, was a bit of a let down. I didn't like the way it flowed in the Science centre, it sort of felt like they just crammed it in wherever they could. It was dark and gloomy and so, so hot. It was less than an hour to get through the whole thing and I was hoping that for the price I paid to get us in there would have been more of, I don't know, something. The experience cost $53 for the two of us.

On our way to the restaurant we got pulled over for having an expired license plate. This is slightly annoying to me since I asked the man (and I asked him specifically because his name is on all the registrations) to take care of all the vehicles and their registrations over a month ago. Clearly, he didn't do that. $230 bucks.

We went to Moxies for dinner and their fabulous White Chocolate Brownie. It was delish. $42.

We were driving Memorial to get home and I had a memory of when I was dating Mr. Darcy. I was on Memorial and saw a bright flash of light and then received a speeding ticket in the mail a few short weeks later. I began to reminisce out loud when we saw a bright flash of light. Who knows the price of that one since the vehicle we were driving ISN'T REGISTERED!!! Hmmm, maybe they won't know where to send it. One can hope.

So, all in all, a good night because I got to spend it with the man and I really like the man.... even if this particular evening ends up costing us $500 or more.


  1. Oh man... STUPID REGISTRATION!!! I'm sorry. I was getting super excited reading about the exhibit, until you said you were a bit let down. Maybe I should pass on forcing Kyle to go.

  2. Maybe Darcy should go and pay for the registrations before the new ticket registers at Motor vehicles?

  3. I was interested in going to the exhibit as well, but I may not now, given what you've said. (Not that you're responsible or anything!)

    Sorry to hear the evening was so expensive!