Thursday, May 6, 2010


My nephew lives with me. He's 16. He asks the most random questions ALL. DAY. LONG. We'll be watching tv and he'll ask me how much money a certain actor makes a year. Or he'll spew forth some deep philosophical pondering that would take me a year to digest. He's a sharp, quick witted, funny kid that keeps me on my toes.

On our way up the stairs where I am about to fall exhausted into bed he begins this conversation with me:

him: If I step on a nail tomorrow at work and it goes into my foot I am not working anymore.

me: Yes you are. And when you get home I will take you to the ER to get a tetanus shot.

him: What I refuse the shot?

me: You won't

him: What if I do?

me: Then you can get tetanus and die, if that's what you really want (drama is sometimes called for in conversations with children. Scaring them them works..... right?)

him: Would that be suicide?

me: Ummmm.........

Oh Chandler, how many times a day do I say "Oh Chandler"?

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