Tuesday, May 25, 2010

catie's randomness

Today is random. My mind is all over the place so my post may as well be.

The man calls me Catie. If he calls me Catherine I know he's serious, if not angry. I don't like it when he calls me Catherine.

My brother and sister sometimes call me Catie but mostly they call me Catherine, because that's my name.

No one else is allowed to call me Catie. And.... I hate Cathy, so don't call me that.

Last night for Family Home Evening I took the children geocaching. One of them against her will. Suck it up princess and smile.... thank-you!

and yes, three of them are still in their pj.s. It was a holiday coupled with a late night before, give me a break.

And the man is missing. He has been missing from 5 of the last 6 FHE's. He is working or so I thought. Shortly into our adventure he texted me.

man: where are you?

woman: geocaching. where are you?

man: on the couch.

Awesome..... We missed him by 5 minutes. Isn't that always the way? See, he told me he was working late and then changed his mind. Thanks for the heads up Mr.Darcy.

Highlight of the evening? Easy! It was when Holden said "This Family Home evening sucks."

Wow! I am doing a great job with these kids, I deserve an award or something.

The irony is that the child who said that is also the child who asked me 376 times this past weekend if we could go geocaching.

I'm confused.


On a happier note I just want everyone to appreciate how hard my life is. This is what I have to look at every morning when I come down the stairs.

I know. It's rough. And then at night this is what takes my attention away from the important things like laundry and the tv:

Shame on you! Blasted beautiful sunset!

Seriously though, I may weep when I have to leave this gorgeous pocket of the earth that is as close to mountainous perfection as I've ever lived.

Have I mentioned that I love the mountains?


I need someone to teach me how to do that thing I see on blogs everywhere where there is a word in a different colour and you can click on it and when you do it directs you to something else.

How do I do that?


The world of blogging is fascinating to me. You write. People read. Some comment but most don't. I'm not sure how I feel about this. My blog is only of couple of months old so I'm sure I will do one of two things. One, quit because the unknown is simply too much to handle. Or two, get used to it and just assume that someone is enjoying it somewhere out there.

Who's readin' ma blog??


  1. You know I am... Kyle gives me a hard time because I have more friends on the internet (blog/facebook) then in real life. I can't help it- I am an immigrant in a foreign country.

    When you are writing a new post there is a "link" button between the text color and align left- that is where you can put a web address in. After you add the address, you can highlight it and then write what ever you want it to be shown as (aka "click here")- make sure it stays underlined. It took me awhile to figure out so good luck!

    Keep your blog so I won't be a sad and friendless. :)

  2. hee hee :) great post. I love random stuff.
    To make a link you put one of these < and then write (without the ") "a href=" and then put your web address including the http part. Then add another >. Then put your link word. Then put another < /a > without the spaces. That just tells the html that the link is now over. Did that make sense? OR you can use the easy link button -but if you do it this way you could say you can write a bit of html. hahahahahaha

  3. I read your Blog everyday! Don't quit it is what gets me through most days!!!!!!!!

  4. I have your blog linked to mine so I can see whenever you write a new entry. You are a much better blogger than I am and I really enjoy your take on the wild and wonderful world of motherhood!

  5. I love reading your blog! Your posts make my day! Don't quit!!! Please!!!

  6. AnonymousMay 26, 2010

    BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!! I love them!!!

  7. I read your blog. I have it linked to mine, so I can tell whenever yours has been updated.

    And I hate being called Kathy, too. Nobody does that more than once.

  8. I read your blog. Maybe not every post, but most. I enjoy the randomness of this post. Made me smile.
    I think one of the first times I met you, I made the mistake of calling you Cathy (but, to my defense, I swear I heard someone else call you that first!). I've never called you anything except Catherine since... due to your sister leaning over and saying "she hates being called that. Don't do it".
    And, I loved your comments about geocaching. :)