Saturday, April 24, 2010

spring break psycho

Three weeks ago I just about had a nervous breakdown. My boys were driving me C.R.A.Z.Y!!!! They are 10 and 7 and all they do is fight. Every minute they are together they fight. I am convinced it is not normal but my mom tells me it is so I am disillusioned. I can't stand being with them so much that if they are occupied with something else then I don't have to listen to them. Sadly the things they want to be occupied with are TV, D.S's and the computer.

Spring Break hit and I planned something fun for the kids every single day so we could get out and have fun together but the fighting!!! Aaarrrggghhh!!!!!!!! Finally I snapped and the two boys lost the last two fun things we had planned - How To Train Your Dragon and Chinese Food for dinner. They ate peanut butter and watched the rest of us enjoy our Chinese.

I was determined to figure out what on earth could be up with these two nasty fellas so I decided to go back to the basics. You know, like the olden days, when there was nothing to entertain you but your own imagination. I took away TV, D.S's and the computer. There boys.... go ride your bikes, read a book, play with your friends.

But... I didn't want them to feel punished. I wanted them to see that if they are busy and having fun then life is good. I didn't want them to think that the only fun out there is in the TV so I explained to them that it was an experiment. I needed to show them that these things actually make them unhappy, regardless of what they may think. I offered a reward.

Two weeks of none of this garbage + an attempt to get along with each other and with me + one mommy who isn't freaking out all the time = a mommy son date (of their choice).

So today was the date, they did it. Actually they killed it!! There was zero upset and contention and unhappiness in our home for two weeks. Honestly, it was a miracle. They chose a movie and dinner.... the two things they missed during Spring Break. We ate at the Chinese Buffet in Cochrane and then saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid.... just what THEY wanted.

Jack never stops talking.....

Holden loves his Chinese.....

My little men.....

Nothing says Chinese like a palm tree!

We had an awesome day. I'm proud of my little men and when I told them that from now on they get a very small amount of the things that make them miserable on Saturdays ONLY they said that it was rubbish, but they said it with a smirk of gratitude on their faces.

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  1. I enjoy your facebook updates and so the fact that you have a full blog now is fantastic! Hope you don't mind me reading. Looks like if my boys are fighting now I likely have a few years of that ahead of me! My blog is private - facebook me your email and I'll add you. Its not as entertaining...